The Benefits:

Increased Yields

SowCrop ensures improved crop establishment, leading to higher yields.

Improved Soil Health

SowCrop allows farmers to monitor the condition of their soil, and act to promote its health.

Reduced Costs

SowCrop helps save costs by aiding in the optimised scheduling of farm operations.

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How SowCrop Works

1. Data Collation

SowCrop collates data from a wide range of sources, including remote soil sensors, weather forecasts, machinery data, satellite data and historical records from the farm itself.


2. Data Presentation

SowCrop presents revelvant data in a way that is accessible and useful to the farmer. Different levels of data processing are immediately available, ranging from raw readouts to operational readiness advice..


3. Decision Support

SowCrop aids farmers in choosing the optimum schedule for arable operations, offering decision support that advises on the best course for the whole farm.

Meet The Team


Marcos Paradelo-Perez

Project Management

Marcos has expertise in measuring and modeling physical soil processes. He ensures the quality of the data and models used in SowCrop, and develops the strategy of the company in the changing agritech market.


Guillaume Menard


Guillaume, who is specialized in crop science, is primarily in charge of ensuring SowCrop’s service is fitted for each crop working closely with farmers and agronomists.


Salinna Abdullah


Salinna, who is more than familiar with the Internet of Things and machine learning, is in charge of incorporating these vital technologies to ensure the delivery of SowCrop’s value propositions.


Xavier Albano

Field Operations

Xavier, with expertise in plant biotechnology and soil science, is in charge of the application of remote sensing techniques, ensuring SowCrop’s value for the farmer is more than just disconnected values from various sensors, but rather something they can apply on their daily processes.


Ned Gartside

Service Design

Ned has experience in researching, designing and testing digital products for web and mobile. He is responsible for maintaining focus on the needs and priorities of SowCrop’s users, and developing a product and service that is intuitive, user-friendly and adds maximum value.


Get in Touch

Are you a farmer, farm manager or agronomist? Want to take part in our trial or have farming optimisation problems you wish we could help with? Write to us at team@sowcrop.com! We'd love to hear from you.